Romeo and Juliet

The legendary story of William Shakespeare about love, about the opposition of good and evil, about the fatal enmity between two families, about the savagery of the medieval way of life, which led to the death of the main characters.

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular ballets of the twentieth century. Sergei Prokofiev's ballet was banned in the USSR and first staged in 1938 at the Brno Opera House (Czech Republic).

The immortal story of Romeo and Juliet, "the story of love strangled with hatred," can serve as an illustration for any war waged today.

The story of a war that burns out all life. A love story that can stop the war at the cost of your life. The staging, challenging the harsh and merciless medieval traditions, is relevant even now, when totalitarian decisions cost the lives of a huge number of people.

The dance vividly reveals the spiritual world of Juliet, who has gone from a carefree and naive girl to a brave, passionate woman, ready to do anything for her beloved.
A dazzling ball in the Capulet house, furious fights on the streets of Verona, a night scene at Juliet's balcony, where two lovers whisper about love, tender, sweet and pure, like the rays of the night stars - everything ends in a terrible catastrophe and a solemn oath of two warring families - over the corpses their unfortunate children - about ending the enmity that caused so much blood and tears to be shed.

Kyiv Grand Ballet performs the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" directed by choreographer Valery Kovtun. Duration 2 hours

The tour is organized by the production company Artform Production in partnership with the Norwegian non-profit organization Kultur for Folket to support Ukrainian ballet dancers and to preserve Ukrainian classical ballet art.