Kyiv Grand Ballet
Scandinavian tour
Artform Production
Kultur for Folket
Sergey Prokofiev
Ballet in 2 acts
About ArtForm Production

The Spanish company ArtForm Production unites art connoisseurs from all over the world and helps to develop the cultural foundations of modern society. The company builds close interaction between artists, concert venues, non-profit organizations and cultural communities. The company is the exclusive representative of Kiev Grand Ballet in the Scandinavian countries. art-form.art
About Kultur for Folket

A Norwegian non-profit organization founded in 2014 to carry out cultural cooperation, organizes events to support cultural initiatives in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The organization initiates and supports activities in the field of education, cultural exchange, cultural integration. The company is an active member of the Russian-speaking communities in Scandinavia. facebook.com/KulturForFolket
List of the performances
Scandinavian tour
SWeden Romeo and Juliet
Kyiv Grand Ballet
NORWAY Romeo and Juliet
Kyiv Grand Ballet